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Bitcoin explosion through 100 million new users?

Most experts in the field of crypto-currencies agree on one thing: new users and investors are needed for the Bitcoin course to explode again like in 2017. Of course, growth is also possible before then, but without massive new attention this could turn out more restrained.

A Bitcoin News just in time for Christmas makes the heart of every Bitcoin fan beat faster again. The company „Rakuten“ from Japan, for example, announced that from now on it will allow its customers to exchange their loyalty points for Bitcoin and Co. Rakuten is one of the 10th largest Internet companies in the world and has had over 100 million users this year. Because of this size, the company is also called the „Japanese Amazon“. So what does this mean for BTC and what are we facing?

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100 million Japanese will get access to Bitcoin and Co.

Anyone in Japan who buys online from Rakuten gets loyalty points, called „Rakuten Super Points“, credited. At the same time, the company seems to have discovered the crypto sector for itself. In April this year, the company’s Crypto-Exchange called „Rakuten Wallet Inc.

On December 24, the company then announced in a press article that it is now possible to exchange loyalty points for Bitcoin, Ethereum or Bitcoin Cash in the Crypto-Exchange app. In fact, the approximately 107 million customers of the company (as of the second quarter of 2019) will thus be offered easy access to crypto currencies. With just a few clicks it is very easy to get free BTC and Co.

  • Exactly this form of Bitcoin adoption also seems to be the goal of the company.
  • The press release describes the intention behind the new service:
  • By introducing the new service, Rakuten Wallet hopes to reduce the barriers to access to crypto-asset trading by providing a simple and more accessible way for new users, including inexperienced users, interested in crypto-asset trading.

What does this mean for BTC and the course?

The exchange of loyalty points for Bitcoin and Co. is limited depending on the customer status. However, due to the size of the company with over 100 million users, there could still be an effect (in theory).

In practice the whole thing looks somewhat different. Of course, only a small percentage of the huge number of customers will use the service at all. Another point: even if the service is used, the amounts exchanged for Bitcoin are probably rather small. So the ultimate size of the service could be much smaller than it sounds.

Nevertheless, the new service for Rakuten’s customers is a great example that the fundamental interest in Bitcoin is definitely growing, otherwise the 10th largest Internet company in the world with a turnover of 781.9 billion yen (6.4 billion euros) would not be getting into crypto. We can look forward to an interesting year 2020 and are curious to see which global corporation will jump on the Bitcoin bandwagon next.

Bitcoin Casino on Blockchain pays out $6 million in real winnings

The online gaming industry is full of impressive numbers. $30 million in profits were distributed last month alone! The biggest jackpot paid out was a proud $2.5 million! But another $3.5 million jackpot is already waiting to be cracked! Millions of dollars pile up almost everywhere, no matter where you look. Just go to any online casino and see for yourself and get almost killed by these impressive numbers. With the best bitcoin dice games players earn a lot of money!

How real are the odds of winning at real?

If you want to check these supposed winnings for authenticity, you will quickly realize that this is a matter of impossibility. It doesn’t matter how much it is, because whether it’s $30,000 or $3 million doesn’t matter. The problem is that a casino is free to name any amount.

But even if you want to believe the casino that it actually has these sums and the money is theoretically available for a payout, its actual payout remains a mystery.

But for every rule there is an exception and in the case of transparency in gambling is exactly this exception. It is literally the world’s first online casino to ensure the security and transparency of block-chain-based gaming data while depotting classic, non-block-chain-based games from leading providers.

To make this possible, Faispin uses a complex solution developed by the TruePlay Blockchain platform. The TPLAY token is part of this solution. It is an ERC20 token that is not traded on a stock exchange. Its price is fixed against Ethereum and remains stable: 1 ETH = 1000 TPLAY.

Bitcoin Casino with $6 million in real winnings

Fairspin users can deposit and withdraw funds in Bitcoin, Ethereum and other crypto currencies. On the playsite itself, all funds are automatically converted to TPLAY. Since the token is based on the Ethereum blockchain, all transactions on are registered in the blockchain. Anyone can track all deposits and withdrawals of casino players. At the same time, players‘ personal information is secured by encryption.

  • Fairspin also displays its current and general gaming statistics as well as the casino’s balance on its website: At present, the total amount of winnings paid out in the one-year-old casino was almost 40 million TPLAY, i.e. 40,000 ETH or about 6 million dollars!
  • This may not sound as impressive as $30 million a month at first, but any payout in this total is verifiable. It is real and with 100 percent certainty. To make sure of it yourself, all you have to do is check TPLAY transactions with an Ethereum Blockchain Explorer like Etherscan.
  • With the Explorer, everyone can not only track the total number of payouts, but also the transaction history of each individual player (once again, all personal information is backed up, only wallet addresses are displayed).

From 100$ to 4.500$, so can you!

One of the biggest payouts in the last weeks for example went to a Fairspin player in the amount of 30.121,38 TPLAY, so in about 4.500 dollars.

The player won this amount after making a deposit of 667.28 TPLAY (about $100). For over a month, the lucky winner deposited a total of 8,211.84 TPLAY and paid out 51,469.76 TPLAY. His biggest single win was Jack and the Beanstalk (18625.5 TPLAY on a bet of 113.5), while the most frequent wins were from Dracula’s Familyslot.

That’s how far we can go with blockchain-based transparency in iGaming – every bet and every win becomes traceable and verifiable. When implemented by other casinos, this blockchain solution can do the following:

The number of fantastic jackpots in iGaming would probably be drastically reduced, but it would definitely increase the trustworthiness of online gaming platforms, as all winning prospects would be 100% real. Just as is the case at Fairspin, the number 1 Bitcoin & Blockchain casino, today!