Business Banking With Internet Banks

Which Providers are there and what should you pay Attention to? If you are looking for a financial institution for your digital business account, you can choose from 4 types of providers: Savings banks: These are independent credit institutions under public law, whose owners are districts, municipalities or special-purpose associations. According to their statutes, their […]

Tips & Tricks for Surfing The Internet

1. secure Internet access Imagine that your front door had no lock and that anyone who passed by your apartment could enter your home without your permission. He could do whatever he wanted without you stopping him. Not a pleasant idea. That’s exactly why there are keys. And there are also keys for your Internet […]

Spains Fresh Safety Legislation Also Affects The Internet

The new legislation forbids everything from insulting a policeman to protesting beyond the nation’s legislature. A fresh regulation that went into effect in Spain on July 1 has much of the state, along with several human rights companies, in a uproar. While advocates state the new community safety regulation may strengthen municipal rights, adversaries call […]

Limitations On Internet Content Nowadays

The Italian regulators participate in some blocking of websites, though this will not involve restrictions on politically-oriented articles for the most part. Italians have access to the web sites of a wide variety of domestic and international information resources and human-rights groups. In a positive development, throughout 2011 and early-2012, several court decisions confirmed that […]

Bitcoin explosion through 100 million new users?

Most experts in the field of crypto-currencies agree on one thing: new users and investors are needed for the Bitcoin course to explode again like in 2017. Of course, growth is also possible before then, but without massive new attention this could turn out more restrained. A Bitcoin News just in time for Christmas makes […]

Surfshark: VPN in practice

Is Surfshark the promised big shark in the wide basin full of VPN services or just a small fish? The practical test shows how fast and safe Surfshark is. Whether for simple surfing or streaming movies: VPN programs help you to become more anonymous. Surfshark scores with many extra functions such as Killswitch and Adblocker, […]

ProtonVPN available as iOS-App

The VPN client was developed by the Swiss manufacturers of the encrypted e-mail service ProtonMail. The company promises not to record any user data. The service is free of charge – but additional features require a subscription. The developers of ProtonMail have now released ProtonVPN for iOS. The iOS app allows iPhone and iPad users […]

How To Observe BT Sport In UK And Elsewhere

I needed to understand the Best Way To Observe BT Sport in the UK thus did some investigation and discovered it was really incredibly simple. Ive put this post together to allow you to achieve that. After studying youll have realized only how straightforward it’s to observe BT Sport in the UK and elsewhere on […]