PlayStation Classic – No new games after launch, no PSN, no trophys

The twenty games that come with the PlayStation Classic retro clone remain the only titles on the mini hardware. We also don’t need to hope for a PSN connection or Trophy support. The PlayStation Classic library will not be expanded after the launch.

A few days ago a return of the very first PlayStation. We already have some information about the „PS1 Mini“, but the complete portfolio of games it will contain is not one of them. So far, only five of the 20 classics have been officially announced.

Sony now confirmed that we shouldn’t expect more than these twenty games. Similar to Nintendo’s NES and SNES Classic, PlayStation Classic will be delivered with a fixed number of titles, which will not be increased after the launch of the console. From Legacy of Kain to Frontpigs – these titles have to be on it.

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No PSN and no Trophy Support

Also, according to Sony, we shouldn’t have any hopes for online functionalities. PlayStation Classic owners cannot connect their mini console to their PSN account or services.

This also means that there will be no trophy support on PS Classic. The included games have not been modified to offer trophies now.

One of the few major changes that the small console offers is a reset button on the console that allows players to save a game and continue later at the appropriate point.

Different games in different countries

Obviously, the same selection of games will not be found on the delivered devices all over the world. A Sony representative told IGN that PlayStation Classic titles were selected according to their popularity in the territories:

„The 20 games launched with PlayStation Classic were selected according to their popularity with PlayStation fans. It is important to note, however, that the title list has been adapted to each region.“

Sony has not yet revealed exactly what this means and how many titles are identical or different in Europe, Asia and North America.

PS Classic independent of remaster plans

  • The release of the „PlayStation Mini“ is not intended to affect Sony’s plans for further remasters such as the or the ability to load old games onto the PS4.
  • Sony stated that PlayStation Classic is a separate initiative from ports and re-releases of older games. The retro console will be released on December 3, 2018 and is expected to cost $99. All you’ll find here.